A brief review of a few reverse phone lookup services

Reverse phone reviews


Reverse phone lookup & directory services are great at finding the address and owner's name for any phone number and this article attempts to review the more popular reverse phone services.

You can conduct searches for all of them at http://www.reversephonelookupdirectory.info.

Reverse Phone Detective

A very popular and well know reverse phone service. They give plenty of information for a fairly decent fee. They also sell memberships for people to conduct unlimited reverse phone lookups. In addition, they give sample reports to show what their service has to offer.

Phone Scan

Phone Scan is less popular than Reverse Phone Detective, but does give more membership options. These membership options allow people to subscribe to unlimited searches/lookups for a pre-determined amount of time.


This site contains small amounts of information since they gather their data from yellow page directories. However, they do not search unlisted numbers.

How to check all of these services, quickly

At the homepage, there is a single form for putting in a phone number. You can then click each individual reverse phone service until one of them claims that they have information on your previously entered phone number. If multiple services have your information, then you can compare many of them for the price that you feel is most reasonable.

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